Admissions - CSB Linkage/Process

For referral purposes, all individuals seeking treatment services must contact their local Community Services Board (CSB). CSBs enable individuals with mental disabilities or substance abuse problems to assess services in state mental health and mental retardation facilities through pre-admission screening, case management, and client services management.

CSBs are the local government agencies responsible for mental health, mental retardation and substance abuse services for citizens in their communities. These services are provided through a broad and diverse network of CSBs and their directly-operated and contractual programs.  

Your local CSB exists to provide individual, flexible, effective, integrated, and efficient services in the most accessible, responsive and appropriate yet least restrictive settings possible. They draw upon all available community resources along with people's natural support systems (family, friends, work) to ameliorate the effects of mental disabilities and substance abuse, encourage growth and development, and assist individuals to realize their maximum potentials.

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