Children and adolescents who are admitted to the Center are in crisis in their current environment. A child must be prescreened and determined to be in danger by a prescreener from the home community service board (CSB). Typical circumstances requiring psychiatric treatment include: 

  • Threatened or attempted suicide 
  • Aggressive/assaultive behavior 
  • Need for evaluation & medication management

The Center provides a modern, safe environment with four 12-bed living units and adequate education and recreational space on a single-story floor plan.

Fees are based on ability to pay. The DBHDS Reimbursement Office, located on the grounds of Western State Hospital assesses parents/guardians regarding financial arrangements and handles billing for services provided by CCCA.

The Center is affiliated with the University of Virginia-Department of Psychiatric Medicine and provides a training ground for professionals from other colleges and universities in the fields of nursing, social work, psychology, and activities therapy.

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